Impressions, smiles, tears: Pretoria interviews

On Thursday I completed the fourth day of interviews in Pretoria.

I have to pay tribute to all those wonderful young ladies and gents that I have seen the last few days. Their smiles and tears, their dreams and fears, their hurt and their joy did not pass unnoticed.

And I pay tribute to people like Naledi Makgatho who, as a fifteen year old girl, took various taxi’s from Brits to get to the interview in time. She was due home long after dark last night. That is what I would describe as motivation.

Below are only a few of many everlasting impressions.

Enoch Satonga became live again during Wilmari's touching presentation.

Kim: Well-spoken and articulated like a princess.

Bianca: "The work of Prof. Chris Barnard lies close to my heart ... as my younger sister herself received a new heart when she was a baby of only one year ..."

Hoffman: "Some friends and relatives turned their backs on us when my parents adopted my little sister (photograph) when she was a baby of a few days old."

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.”  –  Henrik Ibsen


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