Visit to Petra in Bielefeld

My first two days at our first colleague Petra Jacobi are over. We spent many hours working and trying new things. Was it worth going there? Yes, definately. I feel excited about the outcome.

This is Petra's office in Bielefeld.

After work last night we spent a lovely evening outside in their garden. Isabella (left) spent this year six months in Australia and New Zealand as exchange pupil. Mother Petra sits on the right.

Petra's husband Peter did a wonderful braai for us.

Max, Petra's and Peter's son. He was exchange student in South Africa a few years ago.

Petra has a new trampoline, which she uses every day during her lunch break. Da tobt sie sich aus und verbrennt die ganze Frustration.

I am optimistic that we will release the names of the first group of selected participants already on Friday. Petra, Nicole and Sara are doing a great job for us. Thanks Ladies!


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