Some messages from students in Germany and ex-students wishing they were in Germany again!

Lethabo Lee Makhubela writes
Thank you FSA! Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am for all this :),Thanks guys,I really love Germany! šŸ™‚

Mia Van Daalen skryf
Geniet Duitsland baie! šŸ˜€ kan nie glo my 2de week is al amper verby nie… Time flies!!!

Brandon Van Noortwrites : Having the most amazing time in Germany šŸ™‚ host family is too amazing!!! šŸ™‚ loving them so much!! šŸ™‚

Van Zahne Herselman : I’ve got the best host family ever !! We’re doing something new every day.. Friday it was a German wedding that we attended, today we were at Oldenburg where they showed me a lot of places and tomorrow we’re going to Nordeney…. Couldn’t ask for better !!!! Germany is amazing = )

Amber Newman says

I WANT TO STAY In GERMANY LONGER!!! soooooooo nice and chilled here.

Charles-Henry White laat weet

Dis verskriklik AWESOME!!! Dink ons moet dit ‘n jaarlikse ding maak…

Dane Hattingh
Enjoying Germany so much!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better host family!! You guys are the best!!! I hope the rest of you are enjoying your stay as well!!!* enjoy the rest of it!!! : ) *

Ronaldo Badenhorst
Mannheim rules ! I am loving my stay here in Germany. Enjoying the people, the food and trying to understand the school but I am considering to stay here.(Just joking)

Chantelle Henn
ICH LIEBE DEUTSCHLAND… im having an absolute blast… it so funny when the children try speak english to me… but its just as funny when i try speak german to them… Hope all of you are enjoying it to, and by the soud of all these messages you certainly are… i love that its so safe here and the trains are so much fun.. havnt gotten lost yet so thats a good thing.

Jan-louis Bolla Bester
Hey amal van julle. Hoop julle geniet duitsland soos ek. Hoop julle doen ook sulke lekker dinge soos ek šŸ™‚

Nelani van den Berg
wat ‘n ongelooflike tyd! En dit het sopas begin!!!!!! Ek kan nie wag vir die volgende weke nie, dis sover een van die beste tye van my lewe ooit. Ek leer ken soveel nuwe en oulike mense ek kan nie glo ek gaan moet bye se vir hulle nie

Karina Poenie van Zyl Germany! Dis mos lekker hier!:)

Gavaza Makhubele
i was so glad to see South African flag hanging at the horse riding world championship this kept me enjoying Dutchland so far..getting used to everything as fast as i can..i hope the same with all the other students

Diederi Venter
Germany!!! Has all the extremes!! Enjoying it so much!! šŸ™‚

Dilene Fokkens*Germany is die plek om te wees!

ā€ŽHarry Kitney writes Thanx to FSA for this wonderful opportunity, I am enjoying it very much and it really helps to be able to speak this language and school is fun, and I have made lots of new friends!! šŸ™‚

en van twee oud-deelnemers

Gerhard Olivier
Aan al die FSA deelneemers wat nou in Duitsland is: Geniet elke liewe sekond wat jy daar is! Die tyd gaan verby vlieg en dan gaan jy lank terug verlang na daardie ongelooflike land met die ongelooflike mense. Nie ‘n dag het al verby gegaan waar ek nie my gasfamilie mis nie!

Elizma du Plessis
Hi everyone in Germany!I believe you are having a GREAT time! So you have been in Germany a week, second week is a bit harder still a lot to see and experience…you’ll start to miss your family but remember your in a new country no need to say you can’t go with out them! If you feel like you can’t do it any more call them, talk to them, cry and then hang up and carry on. go explore go look for new things. Stay busy



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