Mail from the Scanes Family

Danica with her little brother Kael.

Danica with her little brother Kael.

Dear Alta, Petra, Lodie, Suzanne and team,

It’s been almost a month already since Danica returned from her time in Germany. She arrived home and was immediately thrown into school activities and routine life, but the stories keep popping up about her trip. Kevin and I are truly grateful for the way in which this process and the whole experience was handled! As parents we experienced a very professional service, with excellent communication and planning, down to the last detail.

The funniest story that Danica related to us (only last weekend) was when the family were trying to explain about a family member or friend who had “crabs”….Needless to say, Danica was intrigued and inquired carefully about the true nature of this medical problem. Turned out that the person had cancer (the crab being the zodiac sign for cancer)!

She did not have a 100% pleasant stay – the teenager was a typical 16-year old with issues of her own – but you always told us that this is not a holiday! The mother would take Danica and little brother out for pizza every time the teenager threw a tantrum….she came home a few kilos heavier!

 I’ve attached a photo taken at OR Tambo when Danica got home – Kael really missed his Sissie!

 We look forward to receiving information regarding our turn to host!

 Thanks and regards,

Teresa and Kevin Scanes



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